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Top Five Air Conditioner Problems — and How You Can Avoid Them

In the middle of a hot summer day, the last thing you want to run into is a problem with your air conditioner. Unfortunately, when this occurs, it can be hard to detect where these issues come from within your AC unit. Let’s break down some of the top common air conditioner problems and how you can prevent them in the future.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains can be a hard sign to realize when looking for damage to your air conditioning system. Since your air conditioner creates moisture, it is supposed to go down a drain line or out drain. If either of these gets clogged or damaged, it can cause a significant backup. If the water is not being drained out, it can start leaking, causing water damage to your walls and floor. 

Weakened Airflow

Is your air conditioner on, but it feels like nothing is coming out of your vents? This weak airflow can make your home feel stuffy and warm. This happens when dust or dirt accumulates in the filters and vents. If the build-up is too substantial, then the airflow will be blocked from doing its job.

Lack of Refrigerant

Refrigerants play a massive role in keeping your house cool and comfortable. This component works to remove heat and humidity from your home. If your system develops refrigerant leaks, there will not be enough refrigerant to cool the air going through your house. Since the refrigerant is located with other operating elements of your AC systems, it could cause further problems in your unit.

Broken Compressor Fan

The compressor fan is also located when your refrigerant is. You can find your compressor fan in your outdoor unit, and it plays a huge role in keeping your home filled with cold air on the hottest days. When the fan stops working, the air filtered out of your system will stay trapped, eventually overheating and potentially causing more problems with your air conditioner.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

Your evaporator coil can freeze over when there is a lack of airflow in your cooling system. If there is not enough air blowing over your coil, the lack of heat will cause it to freeze and stop working correctly. If you begin to see water leaks inside your home, this can be a significant sign that your evaporator coil is frozen. To unfreeze it, try turning off your air conditioner to let it thaw out.

How to Avoid These AC Issues in the Future

Like other appliances in your home, you may forget to keep up with your air conditioner and its needs. However, it is vital to make sure that everything is working correctly to prevent any repairs in the future. Here are some tips on how to avoid issues with your air conditioner:

  1. Keep Up With Maintenance: When you have a professional come to your home and examine your system regularly, they can detect any issues that may arise or get worse. Most common problems can be repaired right away, so you don’t have to worry about them later. 
  2. Inspect Your Air Ducts: One of the leading causes of a lack of airflow, air ducts need to be clear and clean. You can inspect your own ducts and replace any dirty air filters allowing for cold air to come through.
  3. Repair Any Holes or Leaks: If you see any minor holes or water leaks in your system, try patching them or repairing them yourself before they can become more severe. If you see any damage to your system, don’t ignore them; call a local professional today!

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