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Rooftop Unit Installation Services

Commercial buildings are significantly larger than residential buildings. That means they need more space for heating and cooling systems. If your building doesn’t have the necessary space around the sides or back, that’s where rooftop heating units and rooftop AC units come in. Rooftop units feature multiple HVAC components packaged as one and have unique requirements for air duct installation.

You can count on All Time HVAC to best serve all of your rooftop unit installation needs. We provide professional, fast, and affordable rooftop unit installation and repair services all over Union County and Morris County, NJ, including in and around Morristown, Elizabeth, Union Township, Madison, Dover, and Montville. We also provide residential heating services and air conditioning services so that your home is just as comfortable as your business.

How Do Rooftop HVAC Units Work?

Are you in need of a rooftop unit replacement or thinking about a new rooftop unit installation? Rooftop units are different from other heating or cooling systems because they do not split system components into different places throughout your building. These compact rooftop “air handling units,” as they are sometimes called, are engineered to be weatherproof, robust, and long-lasting even when exposed to driving rain, freezing snow, hot sun, and more. Because they are entirely self-contained, they do not have to be connected to chillers or boilers in order to heat and cool your building effectively. Some commercial buildings only have rooftop AC units, while some have units that provide both heating and air conditioning.

Rooftop AC units

A rooftop AC unit operates like this: Air enters the rooftop unit through an air hood, which is located on the side of the unit and resembles an awning with an opening underneath. The angled structure of the air hood allows air to flow in while keeping adverse weather out. As the air passes through the system, dampers inside the system regulate airflow, and system filters remove contaminants. The cold air circulates through the building, keeping the summer heat at bay.

Rooftop heating units

A rooftop heating unit operates like this: A gas heat exchanger operates nearby the system’s evaporator fan. When the rooftop unit is switched to heating mode, air going into the system is discharged into the heater over gas-fired coils, causing it to heat up. Then, a fan blows the newly heated air back into the building and through the air ducts, keeping the building nice and toasty on chilly days.

Rooftop Unit Replacement & Installation

In order to perform successful rooftop unit replacement or a new rooftop unit installation, we will need to find the best location and the most suitable models for your needs depending on the unique requirements of the building. Our team will complete a site assessment and recommend rooftop units if you don’t have a preference yet. Once you pick a unit, we will gather our rooftop HVAC installation experts to facilitate the process.

Rooftop Unit Repair

Before we perform rooftop unit repair, we will collect information about your existing rooftop unit and systems in order to best serve your needs. We can replace components, perform routine maintenance, and clean out your rooftop AC/heating unit so that it gets back to providing comfort for everyone on your property. It is important to schedule regular rooftop unit repairs and tune-ups so that you can make sure your system is operating as it should. Plus, it could save you a fortune in energy bills!

Benefits of Rooftop Units

Besides the possibility of combined heating and cooling convenience, rooftop HVAC units provide other benefits such as:

Rooftop units enable our technicians to easily access the work area while you continue with your day-to-day operations. You will not experience distraction or disruption that can be caused by workers coming in and out of your building to repair indoor systems, nor will you have to close your store or venue for us to get to your unit(s). It’s also easier for us—most commercial buildings have flat roofs, which makes HVAC work more simple.

Because your system is on the roof, you won’t hear the noise of whirring fans or rattling ducts. If your existing HVAC systems are loud and irritating, consider a rooftop unit replacement instead of putting up with lots of noise and potentially making your building less appealing to customers, clients, and visitors.

Another huge benefit of rooftop units is ease of maintenance. Less debris collects on and around rooftop units due to their positioning. This can prevent your system from getting as clogged as it would if it was on the ground. If you have both a rooftop AC unit and a rooftop heating unit, you also reap the rewards of having both systems serviced at once, meaning more money stays in your pocket.

Some HVAC systems contain metals that have considerable value on the resale market, so they are occasionally targeted by opportunistic thieves looking to make a quick buck. A rooftop unit is less likely to be stolen. It is also less likely to be damaged by parking lot litter, vandalism, and cars careening out of control.

Trust Us With Your Rooftop Unit Repair and Replacement

Whether you’re seeking an entire rooftop unit replacement or you just want to schedule prompt and precise rooftop unit repair, All Time HVAC is the team you can rely on for service in Morristown, Elizabeth, Union Township, Madison, Dover, and Montville, and other places in Union County and Morris County, NJ. Our goal is to help you install the best solutions for your home or business needs. Contact us today!